On the Grind for Christ

These past couple months have been the most busiest in my life.   The ministry school I was attending sent some students and I out on our final trips before graduation.  We were sent to different churches to pour out everything God has been doing in us and what we had been learning at school.  At each church we did workshops on how to hear the voice of God, how to receive and give words of knowledge (1 cor 12), a biblical model on how to pray for the sick, prophesy and cast out demons.  The overall trip was about 2 and a half weeks.  We were in California for two weeks and the rest were spent in Texas.  We saw God move, people being healed, people being freed of demonic oppression, and people being encouraged and edified through prophetic ministry according to 1 Corinthians 14.  It was exhilarating as well as challenging, being with the same group of people for a while can really stretch you.  Issues like difference in personality types and etc.  Yet even then it is not an excuse to not love or honor our brothers and sisters in Christ (Romans 12:9-10).  By God’s grace we were able to do so and love each other despite our differences and learn to work together as a team and most importantly as a family.  We saw God touch a variety of different people groups.  To the poor in Pomona , CA, to the rich in San Diego, and to college students in Texas.  Over and over again I was reminded of the words of our Lord Jesus “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” (Matt 5:3). One can be materially rich, yet be poor in spirit.  Jesus comes to those who are spiritually in need and crave for something more, for He alone can truly satisfy the desires of the heart.  One person I’ll narrow in on was a interesting fellow I had the honor of meeting in Texas.  He had grown up in poverty, in a trailer park, with his motherbeing a drug addict.  He and sister were left to pretty much fend for themselves.  No one cared about them or for them, society views them as trailer trash.  Yet in the eyes of the Redeemer, they were worth His precious blood.  He called out to this fellow and he gave his life to Christ and later on had a powerful encounter with the Lord.  He was stuck to the floor in a church service and couldn’t even get up cause he was overcome by the power of God. His life has dramatically changed, he is known to do flips and cartwheels in the front during worship.  Singing his heart out to the Lord, whom he refers to as “King Jesus.”  Truly our Lord chose the ones that the world considers foolish, in order to confound the wise (1 cor 1:27).  I’m constantly amazed by the loving Kindness of our Lord, how merciful and gracious He is.  That He desires the ones that no one else wants, how He goes after the ones that society neglects, or outcasts, God wants them.  May God develop such a heart within us, to go after the ones that no one else wants, to love those whom no one else will, to hold those whom society has rejected and abandoned.  To tell them “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,”


Welcome to my Journey with Jesus

It’s truly a blessing to look back and reflect on all that God has done for me in these past couple years.  It creates such anticipation in me to see all that God has in store for me in the future.  My name is David Kim by the way, considering my last name you can probably tell that I’m Korean by descent.  I have been on this earth for a whopping twenty years by the grace of God.  Welcome to my life, welcome to my story.  My story of a rebellious, insecure, selfish teenager, encountering the love of God, meeting Jesus and my life being changed forever.  I have been saved by God’s grace through faith, not because of righteous works I’ve done but according to His great mercy, which He demonstrated by sending His Son to die in my place.  Making just payment for the evil and wicked deeds I’ve done in my life, to be eternally forgiven.  Jesus having made just payment for evil deeds, was resurrected from the dead by God after three days, showing Himself to all His disciples for over a period of 40days to over 500 eye witnesses!!  Jesus being raised from the dead shows victory over sin, death, and the devil!!  Jesus also promises that those who believe in Him will to likewise, be resurrected from the dead and given eternal life when Christ returns to this earth and be with Jesus forever in eternal bliss.  This is my hope, all in Christ, in nothing else.  I’ve experienced the abundant life that Jesus promises, I have felt His power and love, tasted of His goodness, being filled with the Holy Spirit of God, that which Jesus promised He would send.  Since Christ has laid His life down for me, He calls everyone including me to lay my life down for Him.  Jesus has paid for my life with His precious blood, everything that I am belongs to Him.  My life is not my own any longer, it belongs totally to Jesus.  I have set my life totally apart for God and for His purposes, having been sanctified by Christ.  To live for Him and for Him alone!  Since God has set me apart from the world through Christ to live for Him, now I am sent into the world.  Proclaiming the wonderful excellencies of the One who has called me out of the darkness and into His marvelous light!  Telling all that Jesus has made a way to God, He is the only way to God, for He alone came directly from God.  Having never been created but always with God before the beginning, for Jesus Himself is God.  Warning all that there is a day coming in which everyone will have to stand before God and give account for their lives.  For those who have faithfully followed Jesus, eternal life.  To those who have refused to follow Jesus, rebelling against God, eternal damnation, along with satan and all his demons who have likewise rebelled against God.

I have been saved by Christ, sanctified by Christ and sent by Christ to tell the whole world about Christ.  In this blog I desire to share all that Christ has done and is doing in my life.  Hopefully this’ll be an encouragement for those who read this. To press on in Christ and to give their all, to the One who gave it all.  I will also share in this blog my perspective on various theological topics, my prayers, desires and dreams for the body of Christ and for all those who don’t know Him.  Not only that I will also share my personal struggles, failures, as well as my victories through Christ as well.  Welcome to the life of David Kim.  God bless.